The Platform

Our revolutionary technology-based solutions integrate seamlessly into existing store operations to facilitate best-practices, improve workflow, increase store profits, and uncover time-intensive information that impacts sales and profitability.


"The 1% increase in gross profit is REAL!"

Gary Proffitt | Edwards Food Giant

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Manage your DSD vendors anywhere, anytime, from any device

Cloud based vendor portal
Manage multiple wholesalers
One-click new item authorization
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Gain a store-next-door view of your competition

Weekly price updates
No installation required
Easy access to big box prices
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TPR Automation

Take control of your TPRs and increase profits

Customized TPR automation
Weekly financial analysis
Upcoming batch previews
Price Manager

Seamlessly manage base retail prices for warehouse items

Base retail pricing
Price change status tracking
Like item bundling

Minimize cost savings before available discounts end

One-click order placement
Store-specific insights
Streamlined experience
Sales Reporting

Gain insights about overall
sales performance

Sales performance analysis
Custom report generation
Report library
Price Analysis

Get visibility into pricing and operational opportunities

Financial impact analysis
Guided insights
Store comparison
Risk Reduction

Protect profits by monitoring exception transactions

POS risk analysis
Cashier performance
Custom reporting

Receive vendor invoices against the StoreKeeper database

POS risk analysis
Cashier performance
Custom reporting

How We Deliver.

TPR Automation

Finally, an efficient way to process TPRs — from receipt of the TPR file, to updating shelf labels, to tracking sales at the register. Our software automatically matches TPRs to your inventory, calculates new prices, passes information to your label system, verifies prices at the register, and tracks sales of TPR and related products so you can see their full impact on profitability.

Price Analysis

Managing prices just got easier. Our software collects and analyzes warehouse prices, deals, store prices and product sales to provide you with notifications of price, cost and margin changes. We do the detailed analysis so you have the information you need to adjust store prices for maximum profitability. You'll receive weekly pricing alerts — delivered straight to your inbox.

Risk Reduction

Operating quietly under the hood, our software analyzes every transaction made in the store to identify suspicious and potentially fraudulent activity. You’ll be able to determine, at a glance, where to direct efforts and resources to improve store operations, correct unwanted behaviors, and reduce loss and theft.

See for Yourself

We’d love to help your store achieve margins like never before so you can fight and thrive against the big box stores.