October 2, 2018
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Alliance Retail Group and Retail Software Solutions Group Join Forces to Bring Innovative TPR Program DealW!se to the Independent Retailer

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Alliance Retail Group and Retail Software Solutions Group Join Forces to Bring Innovative TPR Program DealW!se to the Independent Retailer

OVERLAND PARK, Kan., October 2, 2018 – Alliance Retail Group (ARG) and Retail Software Solutions Group (RSSG) today announced a strategic partnership that brings a number of financial and operational benefits to TPR (Temporary Price Reduction) processing for the independent grocer. RSSG’s DealW!se product combines the TPRs from ARG with pricing directly from the store to improve gross sales and fully automate the TPR process. By applying pricing formulas and rules, a store using DealW!se realizes a significant improvement in their gross TPR sales and reduces their processing to as little as 5-10 minutes per week. DealW!se’s detailed financial reporting gives the store a daily look into the performance of these deals.

“Temporary Price Reductions (TPRs) have become a large part of a retailer’s competitiveness and financial performance,” said Joe Wolf, CEO of ARG. “Pricing them correctly is critical to ensure TPRs have a positive impact on the retailer and their bottom line and sales. DealW!se helps achieve those goals.

With TPRs numbering the thousands, it’s difficult to track and understand the impact on the store. DealW!se automatically sends a weekly TPR impact analysis and historical reporting that gives the store manager/owner visibility into their program.

“Through our work with retailers, we were impressed with the number of items on the ARG Program and saw an opportunity to automate the process and impact store sales,” said Gil Anderson, CEO and president of RSSG. “ARG had far more deals than any ad group that we have seen. By using DealW!se, our stores are seeing a significant improvement in their gross profit while getting unprecedented visibility into their TPR program.”

“We’ve been using the product since the first of the year and have found using DealW!se has significantly improved our TPR margins along with making our operation more efficient,” said Paul Barnes of Heartland Foods.

“In just a few weeks of using the DealW!se product, we began seeing substantial benefits. We’re excited with the improved revenue, financial reporting, and simplified operation of our TPR program,” added Jamie Reed of Reed’s Market.

DealW!se is now available for independent grocers utilizing Alliance’s TPR program. For information about DealW!se please contact sales@rssg.com.


Retail Software Solutions Group (RSSG) is based out of Overland Park, Kansas and builds SaaS based solutions for the unique needs of the Independent Retailer. DealW!se is a powerful product that automates TPR processing, improves gross margin and gives visibility into TPR performance. Other RSSG products include PriceW!se & LossW!se. These products respectively help control margin and maintain price integrity, as well as identify suspect transactions and provide proactive Loss Prevention for the independent retailer. For more information about RSSG’s innovative solutions for the independent retail market, please visit rssg.com.

About Alliance Retail Group (ARG)

Alliance Retail Group (ARG), based in Nashville, Tennessee, is the largest self-negotiating ad group in the country serving over 950 stores in 27 states and representing over $8 Billion in retail sales. ARG specializes in vendor negotiation, marketing, merchandising, advertising, category management and data analytics on behalf of their clients. For more information about ARG, please contact Joe Wolf at Jwolf@argretailers.com.

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