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Storewise Introduces PriceFind: Empowering Independent Grocers with Real-Time Competitive Pricing Insights

Storewise Team
August 7, 2023
2 min read

Storewise, a leading provider of retail automation software for independent grocers, unveils PriceFind, their new competitive pricing tool delivering instant visibility to competitors’ pricing on hundreds of Key Value Items (KVIs). As a result of this unprecedented level of hyperlocal competitive intelligence, independent grocers will know exactly where their KVI prices stand amongst other regional and national players local to them. Key benefits of the new PriceFind by Storewise include prices on up to 500 items at up to three competitor locations, consolidated within one report and priced below existing industry offerings. Pricing reports are accurate up to street level, updated weekly, and audited both online and in-store.

Customizable to area-specific KVIs and competitors, any independent grocer can subscribe to PriceFind at an attractive, promotional rate. Additionally, Storewise has integrated competitive pricing intelligence into its signature Price Manager solution, unlocking a new level of actionability. In less time than it takes to fill a gas tank, grocers using the Storewise Price Manager solution can see their competitors’ prices, take immediate action, and stay competitive in their local markets.

During the beta rollout, select grocers had the opportunity to experience the power of PriceFind firsthand. “Without PriceFind at our fingertips, deep competitive monitoring isn’t feasible. I’ll check competitors prices manually but to get the hundreds of items that PriceFind monitors would take days.” - Brent Thaxton. President, Thaxton's Market Inc.

“We’re excited to arm independent grocers with this next level of intel on their competitors. In the battle against big-box, this kind of transparency provides an undeniable advantage. A grocer can type in their store address and instantly view their prices for the competitive store next door” said Christopher Greco, President and CEO of Storewise. 

PriceFind is the first new product from Storewise since receiving investment from Nexa Equity, an application software and fintech-focused private equity firm. This partnership has fueled Storewise's commitment to supporting independent grocers and driving innovation in the industry.

Experience the transformative power of PriceFind here.

About Storewise

Storewise is a provider of retailer automation software for independent grocers with headquarters in Kansas City. The company exists to help independent grocers operate more efficiently and compete against big-box retailers by providing an easy-to-use software platform that increases profit, automates manual tasks, and reduces errors. Storewise serves more than 900 stores across the country. Schedule a tour of the Storewise platform at


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