October 6, 2020
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Cosentino’s Food Stores Automates TPR’s

Storewise Team
Cosentino’s Food Stores Automates TPR’s

OVERLAND PARK, KS – The Cosentino Family has introduced Temporary Price Reduction (TPR) Automation into their stores, increasing their profits and decreasing labor. TPRs have significant importance for independent grocers by offering customers better deals, increasing competition, and boosting profits, but they are notoriously time-consuming and can frequently be priced incorrectly.

TPR Automation is a SaaS based solution from Storewise (previously RSSG), which saves significant time and money by automating the processing and pricing of TPRs for each individual store, while providing the user the ability to override pricing to address key competitive situations. In addition, TPR Automation gives weekly detail and historical information, at the UPC level, on pricing, margin, and deal performance, which is typically blind spot for a retailer. On average, a Base Package customer achieves an ROI in 7-10 weeks.

“TPR Automation has made our TPR process more efficient and eliminated possibilities for error that could erode margins in our stores. We do all this with less effort and more visibility than before we had TPR Automation. Storewise is a true partner in helping Cosentino’s grow our business with better margins and sales,” explained John Cosentino.

Independent Grocers provide a necessary service to communities around the country. With chain stores making it an increasingly competitive landscape, especially in smaller communities, independent retailers find themselves looking for solutions to help them remain competitive and improve profitability.

“We are thrilled to have Cosentino’s and their 31 stores join the Storewise family.  Cosentino’s is a market leader known for implementing technology which impacts fiscal performance and competitiveness.  With the ability to transform vendor deal information directly into TPRs, TPR Automation significantly improves the efficiency, performance, and profitability of any TPR program while giving valuable insight into performance,” said Gil Anderson.
About Cosentino’s

Cosentino’s Food Stores began when Dante Cosentino Sr., the family patriarch, purchased a small fruit stand for his children to operate in downtown Kansas City. The fruit stand grew into a thriving 31-store family business, founded in 1948. Their stores include Price Chopper stores, SunFresh Markets, Apple Markets, and Cosentino’s Markets. The Cosentino’s have become industry leaders by continually updating, replacing, acquiring, and building new state-of-the-art facilities to better serve their communities. In addition to offering expanded produce, Deli and Bakery, expanded specialty foods, and more, the family also strives to utilize technology to strategically grow their business and maximize competition.

About Storewise

Storewise, LLC (previously RSSG) was founded with a mission to bring empowering new tools and technologies to the independent retail market. Our simple to use solutions integrate into existing store operations to improve workflow, increase store profits, and uncover time-sensitive information that impacts sales and profitability. Storewise’s team of advisors includes former and current independent store owners, senior executives for Fortune 500 retailers, and technology experts. Together, we develop solutions that perform within the time and resource limitations and environment of the independent retailer.

For more information, please contact Christopher Greco, Chief Executive Officer, chris@storewise.io or call 913-222-5426.

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