May 22, 2024
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Meet the Storewise Products

Storewise Team
Meet the Storewise Products

What is the most important thing to know about each Storewise Product? Storewise has grown and evolved tremendously since our inception. With new products and acquisitions, we’ve assembled a collection of tools capable of transforming a grocer’s business both quickly and dramatically. 

Integral in the development of these tools, Matthew Cole, Head of Customer Success, and, Teresa Miller, Manager of Onboarding and Implementation, share a summary of what each does and how it solves common grocery industry pain points:

DSD Management

Manage your Direct Store Delivery vendors anywhere, anytime, from any device with a cloud based portal that manages multiple wholesalers with one-click new item authorization.

“With Storekeeper, grocers no longer need to chase down vendors for price changes and enter them by hand. Instead, they can review costs and retails for accuracy and let StoreKeeper update the back office for them.”  

- Teresa Miller, Manager of Onboarding and Implementation


Gain a store-next-door view of your big box competitors' prices on a weekly basis.

“You can’t fight something you can’t see, and this tool gives you visibility without the need to sneak around inside Walmart with a notepad.” 

- Matthew Cole, Head of Customer Success

TPR Automation

Take control of your Temporary Price Reductions and increase profits while saving labor hours, thanks to customized automation, weekly financial analysis, and upcoming batch previews.

“The Storewise TPR Automation product provides optimized TPR pricing based on each individual store’s specific needs. It also saves the staff time from sorting and hanging unnecessary TPR tags.”

- Matthew Cole, Head of Customer Success

Price Management

Seamlessly manage base retail prices for warehouse items, track price change status, and bundling “like” items.

“This is one of the best ways for a customer to connect their store’s pricing with AWG. On average our customers’ spend less than 45 minutes managing up to 1000 UPCs per week.” 

- Matthew Cole, Head of Customer Success

Assisted Ordering

Maximize cost savings before available discounts end with streamlined one-click order placement and store-specific insights.

"The Storewise Ordering tool lets a Grocer spend less than 10 minutes a week ordering store specific deals to maximize savings.”

-Matthew Cole, Head of Customer Success

Sales Reporting

Gain insights and analysis about overall sales performance with custom report generation and historical report library.

“Storewise Sales reporting gets retailers off weekly excel and paper reports and into push button reporting, helping our customers operationally turn around negative sales trends.” 

- Matthew Cole, Head of Customer Success

Price Analysis

Get visibility into pricing and operational opportunities with financial impact analysis and guided insights with store comparisons.

“The Price Analysis tool saves time by identifying margin opportunities and automatically revealing items not in file. It quickly notes discrepancy in pricing across two like stores, and identifies trends you might have otherwise missed.”

- Matthew Cole, Head of Customer Success

Risk Reduction

Protect profits by monitoring exception transactions and analyzing POS risk analysis and cashier performance.

“The Storewise Risk reduction product only takes 10-15 minutes a week to review transactions that highlight training and process improvement opportunities, which results in real dollars.”

- Matthew Cole, Head of Customer Success


Receive vendor invoices against the StoreKeeper database, analyzing POS risk and cashier performance.

“With ReceiptKeeper, you know instantly if a vendor has failed to enter a price change. This accuracy in-the-moment ensures no more tracking down vendors for credits. 

- Teresa Miller, Manager of Onboarding and Implementation

The experts have spoken! The individual Storewise products give you the ability to build something spectacular, giving your business a valuable edge in the grocery retail market. 

When paired together, the Storewise suite of tools can take your business to the next level. 

To learn more or see a product demonstration, visit us or give us a call at 913.222.5400.

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