February 27, 2023
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Friends of Storewise Newsletter - February

Chris Greco
Friends of Storewise Newsletter - February

Dear Friends of Storewise,

Excitement from the recent Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl win permeates our Storewise team. We are indeed proud of our world champions! We are even more excited about our newest partnership, and an impressive and growing advisory board. Our focus on the Independent retailer remains fervent and their success is our success.

Given the interest you have expressed in our growing retail tech company, please see the following updates:

Expanding our footprint and know-how with our new partnership:  

  • Our recently announced partnership with TRUNO provides heightened visibility and operational control including seamless integration with a wide range of ubiquitous retail tools and services. TRUNO brings over 40 years of experience and innovation to their 12,000+ customer sites throughout the US including California and Texas.

Continuous innovation: We continue to enhance the Storewise platform by listening to our customers, increasing the value within each of our six (6) modules, specifically the following -

  • Improving the retail store’s price image: Enhancements to Price Manager now allows the Independent retailer to set target margins per department or category and have visibility where there is opportunity to improve price image.
  • Risk module enhancements: Increased adoption and feedback of the Risk module has generated a focus on usability, increasing the ease-of-use.
  • Visibility into sales performance: The ability to drill down to the UPC level in the Sales Reporting module, allowing for a better understanding of what items are over performing or underperforming, allowing for better category management makes decisions much easier and faster.
  • Sharing sales performance across departments: Added ability to share/send custom sales reports to other team members in the retailer’s organization.

Culture is thriving, living our core values: We operate according to our core values:  Love the Independents, Embrace the Struggle, Win Together. It’s foundational to our success. In the spirit of winning together, we’ve recently had customers and tenured industry veterans contributing blogs, sharing testimonials and providing insight. These kinds of enthusiastic testimonials speak volumes about the culture and future of our organization. If you plan to be at NGA, AWG Innovation Showcase, AFI Food Show or TRUNOCon, we invite you to come and meet more of our team and get a demo of the Storewise platform.

Growing Advisory board: We are excited to announce the addition of two industry experts to our existing advisory board. John Ulmer and Jon Hauptman bring a combined 80+ years of experience in the grocery industry. With 40+ years at HEB under his belt, John Ulmer brings his extensive knowledge surrounding pricing and price optimization to our team and customers at Storewise. As one of the industry’s leading retail pricing experts, with experience at Inmar, Jon Hauptman has worked with over 50 supermarket chains to develop successful pricing strategies.

Founded in 2018, Storewise serves the important, trillion-dollar retail grocery industry. It’s a fight between the Independent retailers and big box stores; a modern-day David vs Goliath.  

There has not been a unified grocery automation platform that covers the front-end operation of a store like Storewise. The Platform improves price image, shows sales performance, reports potential losses, and delivers unparalleled intelligence to ordering. In most cases, the Storewise platform funds itself. 

Beyond the software platform, we provide retailers with a seasoned blend of technologists, former grocery operators, CPG professionals and support specialists ready to work together and strengthen one of the most important businesses in the world.  

Storewise News

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Storewise Advisor, Jon Hauptman, shares his insights on the six actions grocers can make to strengthen their promotional effectiveness.

Storewise and TRUNO’s Official Partnership Offers Enhanced Operational Control to Retailers | February 2023

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New Affiliated Foods Wholesaler Partnership Brings Storewise Automation Platform to South Central U.S. | December 2022

Affiliated Foods enables 800 plus member stores to benefit from Storewise technology platform.

Upcoming Events

NGA: February 26-28

AWG Innovation Showcase: March 20-22

AFI Food Show: March 30

TRUNOCon: April 3-5

Lastly, my team and I have visited hundreds of stores and met personally with owners and their teammates. We know the last few years have been hard. Feeding our great country is a deeply personal, yet arduous task. All of us at Storewise admire the grit and resilience of the Independent grocer. If you’re one of them, my recent book, 8 Steps to Overcoming Everyday Adversity, offers the personal experience and insights that may inspire you and your team. Please contact me below if you would like a copy.

Always remember, our best days are ahead.

- Chris

Christopher Greco

President and CEO

Storewise, Inc.


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