September 20, 2022
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Storewise Customer Success Story - Increasing Profits through Forward Buying

Storewise Team
Storewise Customer Success Story - Increasing Profits through Forward Buying

Have you ever stocked up on an item during a sale? Retailers have the same opportunities with their wholesale partners, and with proper planning these cost savings can make a tremendous difference to the bottom line. With the Storewise Ordering Module, retailers can maximize cost savings before available discounts end, automate one-click order placement, enjoy a streamlined experience with store-specific insights, and see order history and confirmation at a glance. 

What would a stronger purchasing plan mean to your bottom line as an Independent Grocer? 

Smart purchase planning means greater profits. 

Customer Success = Saving 17% with Forward Buying via Storewise Ordering

Through the Storewise Ordering Module, a retail customer recently took advantage of forward buying programs to save nearly 17% in cost by coordinating the order submission with the upcoming promotion end dates.

With a couple of clicks, the retailer could order ahead for their top performing items, saving both time and money. This Storewise customer ordered 148 cases of their top performing items before a promotion end date. They were able to pair the Storewise Ordering module capabilities with recent private label trends in the industry. Of the 148 cases ordered, 110 of these were private label items he bought ahead of price increases.

These are the kinds of professional moves that set Independents apart and help them thrive. 

Storewise exists to help independent retailers rise against competitors by creating a software Platform that automates manual tasks and reduces errors, protecting profits.  

This story came directly to our customer success team at Storewise. To speak with us about saving time in your store, reach out to to schedule a 15 minute virtual tour of the affordable and customizable Storewise Platform today. 

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