June 3, 2021
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Storewise (formerly RSSG) gives Independent Grocers a NEW advantage

Storewise Team
Storewise (formerly RSSG) gives Independent Grocers a NEW advantage

OVERLAND PARK, KS, USA, June 3, 2021 -- Operating an independently owned grocery chain - or even one or two stores - profitably and efficiently is an incredible feat given the external forces that an Independent Grocer (“Independent”) is up against. These resilient business owners know that “big box” stores, national and regional chains, dollar stores and foreign-owned limited assortment stores, with millions in tech investment and expansion, pose a significant threat.

The Independents are invaluable to the communities they serve, large and small. They cater to their local markets by delivering fresh products and a wide variety of traditional groceries at a fair price. Unlike almost any other industry, they operate with the thinnest of margins and most are family-run spanning more than three, four or even five generations. They are dedicated to their craft.

Retail Software Solutions Group (RSSG), which today is renaming itself Storewise, has expanded their software platform delivering three (3) key benefits for Independent Grocers, specifically AWG Members:

1. Risk reduction that visualizes malicious and non-malicious actions that contribute to lost profit and degradation of the customer experience by analyzing POS transactions2. Pricing analysis that collects and analyzes warehouse prices, deals, store prices and movement to identify high-impact margin inversions and operational concerns3. TPR automation that automatically matches TPRs to product mix, calculates retails, and integrates with pre-existing shelf tag systems

By removing most of the manual labor and guesswork from daily operations including pricing, inventory, and risk, Storewise delivers a software platform like no other.

“It’s tech built for Independent Grocer’s that is simple to use, constantly innovating, and pays for itself within WEEKS after implementation,” says Christopher Greco, CEO of Storewise. “Independent’s using Storewise enjoy an incremental 1% gain in profits,” says Greco.

This means an Independent with $100M in annualized sales has the potential to generate an additional $1M in gross profit dollars, and more efficient labor utilization.

Storewise is a partner with Associated Wholesale Grocers, Inc. (AWG), the nations’ largest cooperative food wholesaler to independently-owned supermarkets, serving more than 3,100 Independent store locations in 28 states. AWG and Storewise are working together helping the Independents take advantage of the benefits that this technology can deliver.

“We strive to build long-term relationships with partners such as Storewise to assist our members in improving sales and profitability. Providing profitable business solutions for our members is at the core of AWG's mission, which is to provide our member-retailers all the tools, products, and services they need to compete favorably in all markets served. This includes top quality supermarket merchandise and support services, all at the lowest possible cost, “ states Stacy Bowen, VP of Sales, Support & Solutions, AWG.

Storewise can meet the needs of any AWG member retailer whether they have 1 or 100 stores.

“I consider Storewise a must-have, much like I would a world-class front-end system or my highest performing store manager. This platform is crucial to our stores’ operations,” exclaims Jordan White, General Manager of White’s Foodliner.

Storewise was founded with a mission to bring empowering new tools and technologies to Independent Grocers. Storewise develops innovative solutions that perform within the time & resource limitations and environment of the Independent Grocer. There are several hundred grocers using the Storewise platform and no grocer has ever left, making it a technology unicorn. Visit www.storewise.io.

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