April 18, 2023
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Top Three Employee Theft Scenarios in Grocery

Dan Armour
Manager of Profit Protection
Top Three Employee Theft Scenarios in Grocery

Whether you’re looking for it or happen upon it, finding loss in your business can feel overwhelming. Most grocery managers view internal loss as theft or fraud, but there are underlying opportunities that make these losses easier to occur in any business.  

Let’s explore 3 real-world examples of different types of theft or fraud investigations that could occur in a grocery store.

Scenario #1:

A cashier overrides items for individuals they know. The cashier has worked for the business for 2 years and the investigation identified 6 months worth of loss valued at $1,500.

Scenario #2:

The front manager and a meat cutter were working together to purchase filets that were hand keyed as chuck steak. Both employees worked for less than a year and the investigation identified $2,500 worth of loss over the last month.

Scenario #3:

A cashier within their first 90-days was keying in store coupons for friends and family. The investigation identified $450 in loss within the last month.

These 3 investigations show common types of loss at the point of sale. It is easy to understand the amount of loss and who caused the loss. What is not as easy to understand is WHY the loss occurred. On the surface, all three scenarios appear to be due to employee theft, but is that really the whole story?  

Find out what really happened on April 25th.

As Manager of Profit Protection, Dan Armour is responsible for leading Storewise in all facets of profit protection to enable Independent retailers to protect their profits. With over 20 years of experience in Walmart, Target, and GameStop Loss Prevention/Asset Protection roles, Dan and team are able to identify, research and help train Independent Grocers on how they can improve their operations and protect their profits.

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